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NOTE: Previously issued certificates are valid for two (2) years from the date of issue. Certificate holders with expired certificates may apply for recertification. To apply for recertification, contact To recertify you will need to take the course and exam again.

Course level: Practitioner Certificate Course (classroom, virtual classroom and online on-demand)

Benchmark your software asset management (SAM) program and create a scorecard, plus prove your SAM competence by earning the Practitioners Certificate in Assessing Software Asset Management Processes (PCSAM). This course is for moderate to experienced software asset management professionals and others who want to learn practical approaches to assessing and implementing SAM programs and practices according to ISO/IEC 19770-1 (2012 version). The course is also useful in creating a SAM program and a license management scorecard.

What you'll learn
At the completion of this course, you'll come away with a foundation in assessment principles, the ability to conduct a gap analysis and self-assessment and know how SAM processes fit in the ITIL framework. This course will help you understand and apply the standard with a results-oriented team-learning approach to creating policies, processes and procedures in six process areas. Following an introduction and review of 19770-1, process areas and assessment methods, we'll guide you through an in-depth look at six areas: control environment, planning and implementation process, inventory processes, verification and compliance, operations management and interfaces, life-cycle process interfaces.

Note: This is an edited recording of the virtual classroom (Web) course. The Web course covers the same material as the classroom course, although we will not complete the team exercises. The instructor will review a case study and use examples from the group to address key points.

Although this course has no prerequisites, students should have an understanding of the benefits and purpose of a SAM program, basic knowledge of software contract terms and conditions, auto-discovery tools and inventory methods. Prior experience with process design, policy creation, project planning and a fundamental understanding of IT service management is helpful, but not required.

Who should attend
Configuration managers
Executive sponsors
IT auditors and software compliance managers
IT process and service managers
Product managers
IT asset and SAM managers
SAM consultants and others interested in learning SAM process assessment, planning a SAM program and understanding where SAM fits in the IT organization.

The expert instructor
Steven Russman, the founder and executive director of the International Business Software Managers Association, is one of the world's leading experts on ISO/IEC 19770-1. He is an author of more than 100 articles and reports on software asset management, tools assessment and industry trends, and a frequent presenter at industry conferences and seminars including IBSMA's annual SAM Summit. For more on Steven, click here.

Course format
See course description for course times. The optional two-hour exam is offered online. Students have three months to complete the exam. The exam is included in the course fee. Students passing the test and satisfactorily completing the assessment exercise will receive IBSMA's PCSAM certificate. This course is available for on-site instruction.

Course outline in detail

  1. Assessing SAM Processes
  2. Definition and benefits of SAM
  3. Introduction to ISO/IEC 19770-1
  4. From standards to certification
  5. Scope of the standard
  6. Related standards
  7. Outcomes, activities and interfaces
  8. Process maturity levels
  9. Considerations for conducting an assessment
  10. Scope of SAM program
    Exercise: Developing the scope of the assessment
  11. Framework for SAM processes
  12. Organizational management
    Core SAM processes
    Primary process interfaces
    Exercise: Quick assessment
  13. Control environment processes
    Policies, processes and procedures
    Exercise: Detailed assessment
  14. Planning and implementation processes
    Planning for SAM
    Exercise: Detailed assessment
  15. Operations management processes and interfaces
    Financial management
    Exercise: Detailed assessment
  16. Primary process interfaces
    Exercise: Detailed assessment
  17. Inventory processes for SAM
    Software asset identification
    Software asset inventory
    Software asset control
    Exercise: Detailed assessment
  18. Verification and compliance processes for SAM
    Software asset verification
    Software licensing compliance
    Software asset security compliance
    Conformance verification for SAM
    Exercise: Detailed assessment
  19. Exercise: Analysis and interpretation of results

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