Today's Best SAM Tools, a New Series from Tools Manager (April 1, '12)

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Today's Best SAM Tools, a New Independent Tool Review Series from Tools Manager.

ANN ARBOR, MICH. (April 1, 2012) — Every year, companies worldwide introduce new products into the growing and competitive software management tool market. It is no wonder corporate software managers say finding the right tool to manage their company's software purchases, licenses and operations is a challenge.

Tools Manager (TM), a publication with a seven-year history of independent and comprehensive tool assessments and comparisons, introduces a new series designed to help every SAM pro stay on top of tool innovation no matter what tool they currently use.

TM's new review series, Today's Best SAM Tools, is more concise, focusing on the most groundbreaking and useful new tools and upgrades. The new easy-to-read tool review format and evaluation charts provide insight into the most significant advancements from companies, such as Aspera, IBM, CA, Hewlett-Packard and Flexera Software.

Because every company's tool needs evolve and tool technology advances rapidly, the TM Today's Best SAM Tools series delivers new reviews monthly, which are available online at First-time users must register to access site content.

No SAM pro can afford to be behind the curve. This is why the TM Today's Best SAM Tools is an invaluable unbiased instrument that saves time and money. 

"We work with product management at the software tool companies to provide an overview of each product's essential features and functions, but we also collect data from end users, plus our own assessors give the tools a thorough test drive," says Steven Russman, editor of Tools Manager.

Russman, a 14-year veteran of the software asset management field, is the executive director of the International Business Software Managers Association, the world's largest nonprofit association of business-focused software management professionals, which hosts an annual conference for software asset managers along with continuing education and certifications.

"As the software asset management product landscape continues to shift and new tools are brought to market more rapidly," says Russman, "Tools Manager is ready to provide SAM professionals with the insights and objective information they need to succeed."

The International Business Software Mangers Association (IBSMA) is an international association of business-focused software asset management (SAM) professionals working together to develop and promote SAM best practices and education. IBSMA is a registered U.S. 501(c)6 nonprofit corporation. Visit for details.