Software-Use Entitlement Standard Nears Completion (Nov. 19, '07)

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November 19, 2007


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Software-Use Entitlement Standard Nears Completion

Read the latest on the industry-wide effort to create standards for tracking the licensed use of software.

For too long there’s been a gap between software publisher-defined usage terms, compliance policies, vendor usage contracts, and metrics available in inventory discovery and license management tools.

To create a standard for software-use entitlements the International Business Software Managers Association (IBSMA) formed the Software Licensing Practices committee in January 2007.

In a new status report, IBSMA details the tremendous work to date on creating these international standards. This 8-page report explains how the proposed standards would work, the hurdles that still exist and the procedure for implementation.

“Software publishers and their customers and tool vendors all stand to gain from industry-wide adoption of a standard for software-use entitlements,” says IBSMA’s executive director Steven Russman.

With these standards, customers will achieve increased insight into licensing rights and enhanced ability to reconcile these with software inventories. Tool vendors can deliver products with accurate and consistent license allocation, and publishers can improve customer relationships along with improved compliance and decreased need to audit.

Although the framework for the proposed standard has already been developed, along with much of the content, more work remains.

For more on the IBSMA’s mission and timeline, an overview of the project, plus how software-use entitlement standards will impact the industry, download “Framework and Data Standards for Software-use entitlement: A Status Report” at A copy of the data standard framework is included with the report.

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