IBSMA Unveils SAM Assess Program and Plans to Offer Software License Compliance Certification for Organizations (Apr. 18, '07)

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IBSMA Unveils SAM Assess Program and Plans to Offer Software License Compliance Certification for Organizations

The International Business Software Managers Association (IBSMA) today unveiled SAM Assess, an innovative assessment program for software asset management based on international standard ISO/IEC 19770-1, the first international standard for SAM covering 27 process areas. This rigorous assessment is a first step in attaining organizational certification for software license compliance.

SAM Assess is based on the proven assessment methodology presented in IBSMA’s “Planning and Implementing SAM Processes” practitioner certification course. The rapid assessment and benchmarking program measures all 27 process areas and more than 200 related outcomes aligned with the ISO/IEC SAM standard. IT managers contemplating organizational certification for ISO/IEC 19770-1 can use this model to conduct a prequalification assessment.

SAM Assess provides a certifiable measure of conformance with ISO/IEC 19770-1 and a solid reference point for software compliance and governance, continuous improvement, and developing or extending a SAM program. Plus, the standard and practitioner certification course align with ITIL® IT service management processes. 

Steven Russman, IBSMA’s executive director, said, “SAM Assess extends our tested assessment methodology to international standard ISO 19770-1. Our members now have a starting point for certifying software compliance and SAM governance capabilities.”

Once an organization completes the assessment, the next step is to pursue IBSMA’s new organizational certification program, due to launch at its SAM Summit annual conference in Chicago, May 14-15. The certification program will be based on an organization conforming to compliance-related outcomes outlined in the standard. IBSMA will oversee the organizational certification program and certify independent assessors and auditors.

“IBSMA is leading the industry in developing standards for software identification and licensing,” adds Russman. “Our organizational certification program marks a tremendous leap forward. It will meet the compliance needs of end users worldwide and offer publishers an industry-accepted means to perform compliance reviews.”
For more information on SAM Assess and IBSMA’s organizational certification for software license compliance, visit IBSMA.com.

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