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Course level: Practitioner Certificate Course (PCSAP)

Make educated decisions on licensing and managing your SAP software investment by learning the ins and outs of SAP through this in-depth course. The content covers not only the fundamentals of SAP software licensing, technical support polices and software asset management, but also the essentials of SAP server architecture, licensing and compliance concepts. You’ll learn best practices and real life examples of overcoming the complexity of SAP licensing that you won’t learn from SAP.

Course outline in detail

Overview of SAP

SAP license organization–Global License Audit Services (GLAS)

Core SAP products

SAP acquired companies and contracts

SAP in your organization

Licensing of SAP software

Key terms

Licensing overview

SAP contracts (mySAP, ECC, etc.)

SAP packages (bundled packages, a la carte, subscription, etc.)

License metrics

SAP use rights & general terms and conditions

GLAS measurement process

Customer contract overview

General T&C (Master License Agreement)

User/engine usage entitlement/conditions

Extended use rights (divestment, transitional services, 3rd party access)

Financial (maintenance base and SAP application value)

Software use overview

Direct access

Indirect access

Named User Licenses

Named user overview

Named user vs. concurrent users

Named user classification

Methods of classification

Engines and/or Package Licenses

Engines overview

Engine measurement

Automated measurement


Available measurements for engines

SAP License Measurement

Measurement overview

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) and non ABAP systems

SAP tools



LMBI (SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform)

Third party tools

SAP Indirect Access

Indirect access introduction

How to identify indirect access scenarios

SAP architecture

Nature of transaction

Portals and third party applications

Indirect access criteria

Business utility

Contract and use rights

SAP Business Objects


Licensing model and contract time lines

Types of licenses

How to measure usage





SAP HANA license introduction

HANA license types


HANA SAP application value


HANA cloud platform

HANA enterprise cloud

SAP Support and Maintenance

Introduction to support programs

Standard support

Product support for large enterprise (PSLE)

Max attention

Extended support


SAP contracts

License measurement

Commercials & maintenance

Indirect Access

Best Practices

Effective entitlement & contract analysis

Commercial & utilization analysis

Establish a governance program

Forecasting & cost allocation

Order form & contract best practices

LAW utilization & role based license allocation

Named user optimization (system users, user expiry, non-classified users,etc.)

SAP support portal

Support Documentation/Pre-Read
System Measurement Home  (required log-in)

SAP Licensing Buyer’s Guide

Software Use Rights

System Measurement Guide

Revised Oct. 2017

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