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PCOLM Oracle License Management

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Course level: Practitioner Certificate Course (PCOLM)
Here, you will master 10 critical areas of Oracle software license management. We use a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises to help you relate the material everyday situations. Each module presents Oracle handouts and practical tips for applying the concepts. At the completion of this course you'll understand Oracle products, purchasing, metrics, contracts, licenses, compliance programs, preparing for an audit and much more.

Course outline in detail
Here are the 10 critical areas of Oracle software license management covered in this course:

  1. Overview of Oracle
    History of Oracle
    Product stack overview
    Oracle ecosystem
  2. Oracle-specific software asset management (SAM)
    Why Oracle SAM
    Oracle-specific challenges
  3. Oracle licensing
    Key terms
    Oracle licensing overview
    Licensing metrics
    Calculating Oracle licenses
    Database editions
    Database features vs. options
    Enterprise manager
    Data recovery
  4. Oracle middleware licensing
    Licensing Overview for:
    Application servers
    Business intelligence
    Identity management
  5. Oracle & Virtualization
    Oracle's virtualization policies
    License Implications
  6. Oracle contracts
    Overview of Oracle contracts
    Technology hosting
    Approval process
    Oracle channel
  7. Unlimited License Agreements (ULA)
    Overview of the Oracle ULA
    ULA benefits & risks
    Best practices
  8. Oracle software support
    Support overview
    Support policies
    Lifetime support
    Support pricing
  9. Oracle license migrations
    Types of license migrations
    Migration methodologies
  10. Oracle License Management Services (LMS)
    Oracle risk criteria
    Common licensing mistakes
    Compliance audit
    Best practices
    Oracle SAM Strategies

Course preparation and resources
Oracle licensing concepts combine business and technical elements. We suggest you review the following materials to prepare for class:
Oracle Software Investment Guide, pgs. 1-30 (
Oracle Software Technical Support Policies, pgs. 1-4 (
Database Editions (

Specialty topics
Database Licensing (
Partitioning (

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