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The page contains an outline of the IBM Practitioner Certificate Course.

Course level: Basic and Advanced Practitioner Certificate Courses (PCILM)
Managing IBM license compliance can be challenging for even the most experienced IT asset managers. And the dynamic nature of IBM software licensing requires a continuous review of IBM compliance management processes and practices.

This course will help you learn about critical areas of IBM licensing and develop a practical approach to creating reliable IBM license compliance reports. We will illustrate key concepts and pitfalls using exercises based on real-life customer scenarios. At the completion of these courses, you will have in-depth knowledge on how to effectively determine your IBM license entitlements, deployment and compliance position using all available resources.

Day 1 course outline in detail (8 hour course)

IBM’s business. Understanding IBM’s software portfolio, acquisitions, agreement types, pricing and recent history.
Exercise: IBM software portfolio

License entitlements. Learn how to create a complete and accurate overview of your IBM license entitlements using various information sources. We will also discuss common license metrics and key licensing terms and conditions to consider.
Exercise: License entitlements reconciliation

Deployment: High-level approach. Learn how to determine the most appropriate and effective deployment measurement approach based on the licensing terms and conditions, the IBM product characteristics and your IT environment. We will cover key license metrics such as PVUs and Authorized Users.

Exercise: Determining deployment: Authorized User
Exercise: Determining deployment: Processor Value Unit (PVU)

ITAM/SAM tools. Tools that can collect and store information relating to IBM licensing and deployment are a critical resource for any large IT environment, but there are limitations to what can be automated. We will discuss how to assess tools and the information they collect.

Compliance audits. We’ll discuss what to expect and how to prepare for and manage the process, as well as some real-life examples on what can go wrong.
Exercise: Compliance audits

Specialty topics. We will take a closer look at advanced topics such as sub-capacity, ILMT, clustering, backup/temporary use scenarios and more.
Exercise: Determining compliance in a virtual environment

Course preparation and resources
We suggest you review your IBM purchase history (e.g. using Passport Advantage) to identify which products and license metrics your organization manages. The following links can provide useful background information on IBM licensing basics:

Details on Passport Advantage Program
License metric definitions:
PVU licensing details:
Virtualization Capacity (Sub-Capacity) licensing terms and details:

Day 2 course outline in detail (4 hour course)

Detailed audit procedures. For various common IBM license metrics and products/brands we will discuss detailed procedures on how to efficiently collect deployment evidence. We will focus on common brands/products and license metrics such as Cognos, DB2, FileNet, Lotus, Rational, WebSphere and Tivoli. Participants are encouraged to indicate what products they would like to cover.

Managing IBM license compliance in large organizations. We'll discuss the challenges that are typical for large organizations as well possible ways to tackle them. This includes ways to prioritize multiple data sources, re-use collected data to avoid duplicate efforts, embed and improve the license management process, etc.

Licensing grey areas. In many cases the licensing terms and conditions can be unclear and/or difficult to apply to real-life situations. Using examples we'll focus on how to recognize licensing grey areas and effective ways to mitigate licensing risks.

Lessons from IBM license compliance audits. We'll discuss real-life examples from companies that have been subjected to the IBM audit process. We'll cover risk areas, settlement negotiations and the nuts and bolts of what data to collect.

Specialty topics. We will take a closer look at advanced IBM licensing topics. Based on class interest, possible topics to include:

  • Sub-capacity licensing in complex virtual environments
  • Uncommon license metrics/products
  • Recent licensing changes
  • Collecting audit-proof evidence
  • Building entitlements vs. deployment mapping tables
  • Creating self-assessment software deployment templates
  • Dealing with inconsistent license entitlements information
    Exercise: Determining compliance in complex virtual environments

Course preparation and resources
Please submit any detailed topics you would like to cover prior to the course.

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