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Sessions are open to all attendees unless listed otherwise. Sessions listed as end user only are NOT open to vendors, consultants, software resellers, software tool providers, compliance consultants, practitioner consultants or other SAM services professionals. Individuals in this category are welcome to attend sessions open to all attendees or sessions for vendors only. IBSMA may invite non end users to attend certain sessions as co-presenter, moderator or room monitor. Questions on this policy should be directed to IBSMA director's office.

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16 May 2018      

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Welcome coffee until 9:30.


Oracle's New Approach to Cloud Licensing (Oracle)

Oracle has some new ideas for getting your enterprise in the cloud faster, simpler and more affordably. Oracle's innovative license models promise flexibility and choice, but how might they work in your organization? Join Oracle's cloud strategy expert for an in-depth look at the publisher's new approach to proactive subscription management in the cloud. In this session, you'll also learn what an Oracle end user needs to be aware of when moving into the cloud from an license management perspective. Bring your Oracle cloud questions!

Roundtable Discussion: Lessons Learned in Managing Major Audits (Deutsche Post DHL)

Geert van Wuijtswinkel, license risk and compliance manager at Deutsche Post DHL, will share the lessons he has learned from numerous audits and the key steps he has used in establishing a companywide standard audit process. He'll also share his proven techniques for successful pre-audit negotiations and self-assessments. Learn how to gain internal commitment and buy-in and ensure SAM system and processes will be maintained post-audit. (This session is for end users only.)

How to Use the Psychology of Negotiation (CJ Ortega, SSES Global)

What are you doing unconsciously to sabotage your own negotiating power? Learn how to walk into a room and take power. Negotiation is important to every SAM professional whether or not you're directly involved in software purchasing because virtually every conversation is a negotiation. When you're talking to an executive to gain resources, that's a negotiation. Do you have a strategy? Join C.J. Ortega, SAM and negotiation expert in this dynamic roundtable exploring how you can harness the phycology of negotiation. (This session is for end users only.)



Sneak Peek at New SAM Standards {KPMG)

Join ISO 19770 SAM standards advocate Simon Bolton, in a fascinating exploration of the evolution and future of SAM. The days of SAM existing primarily for audit response are gone and SAM standards are being developed with an eye toward the future. He'll update us on recent developments in the ISO 19770 family of ITAM standards, including a sneak peek into the standards currently being developed that address the interoperability of SAM with other domains including cybersecurity, IT service management, and human resources.

Get a Grip on Your SaaS Spend

Are your organization's popular SaaS apps like Salesforce and Office 365 taking over your software budget? Experienced SAM pro Jochen Hagenlocher, global SAM manager of a Swiss based Fortune 100 firm, tells how to right-size your SaaS and take back control by creating global cost and usage transparency. Learn to off-board dormant accounts and become proactive in your SaaS license management. (This session is for end users only.)

Open Source and SAM, Managing Assets to Drive Innovation (RedHat)

SAM pros often overlook managing open-source software because there's no license to buy. However, if your organization develops upon, modifies or changes the code, then you need to follow the terms and conditions of the General Public License. As organizations rely more on open source to innovate and meet market demand, SAM managers and IT security pros must ensure that their open source assets—throughout the open source asset lifecycle and across all environments and platforms—are safely patched and aren't violating any licenses. In this updated session with Rebecca Horton of Red Hat, the enterprise open-source leaders, you'll learn the potential and limits of your open-source assets.







What You Need to Know About IBM's License Metric Tool (IBM)

IBM's License Metric Tool, now based on IBM BigFix technology and updated every quarter, provides software asset management functionality at essentially no cost. In this detailed session with IBM's Antonio Gallotti, you learn how IBM uses ILMT as a compliance management tool, balancing the customer's need for tools and the publisher's need to oversee compliance. Gallotti will walk you through how ILMT helps IBM customers prepare for a license review as well as the latest enhancements to this product, including IBM's incorporation of ISO 19770 software identification tags.

Effective SAM Across Department Silos (Reed Elsevier)

How do you manage SAM for maximum success across autonomous business units? In this session, Reed Elsevier's Senior Director of Global IT Procurement, Scott Touchet, shares his expertise in organizing and leading cross-divisional sourcing, procurement, and vendor management teams to identify best practices for optimizing SAM. He'll cover how his team manages audits across the enterprise and works collaboratively with business units to drive compliance. (This session is for end users only.)

What's Driving SAM and License Management in 2018 (IBSMA)

Based on research from the IBSMA's 2017 License Compliance Survey, Steven Russman, executive director of IBSMA, will cover:

• How does your SAM program compare with others?
• How many audits can you expect in 2018 and from which publishers?
• Which publishers will be your biggest focus next year?
• Who has a plan for tackling the cloud?

Optimizing software spend, managing audits and staying proactive about compliance continue to drive software asset management efforts at companies worldwide. SAM programs grow because savvy organizations know software costs and under-licensing risks can quickly spiral out of control—especially in the cloud—if not carefully managed by experts who know the nuances of myriad software vendor programs. Is your SAM program growing? Steven Russman, executive director of IBSMA, reports on trends driving the adoption and growth of SAM and license management, and how successful organizations are building robust programs to meet the challenges of 2018 and beyond.



From Cloudy to Transparent, Managing Assets in the Sky (Flexera)

Today's "cloud first" business mantra requires that SAM pros maintain transparency into their virtual assets, which is easier said than done. In this lively session with Flexera Software, you'll learn how to leverage new processes and technology to effectively manage your assets in AWS and Azure. You'll learn how to control the costs of your infrastructure and reduce risks as you install software licenses on these assets (BYOSL).

Future Proof Your Software Contracts Techniques (Kemp IT Law)

In today's era of innovative software deployment techniques, it's easier than ever to over-deploy. Software systems interact more widely and easily with other systems as software functionality expands. So organizations need to pay closer attention to ensuring that their licenses fully cover everything they want to do with the software. Richard Kemp, one of the UK's top software lawyers, will shed light on what you need to do to avoid expensive audit surprises. (This session is for end users only.)








GDPR Compliance – How It Will Affect Your Business? (KPMG)

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect May 2018, requires businesses—regardless of location—to protect personal data and privacy of European citizens. GDPR has major implications for U.S.-based companies that collect personal data of EU citizens. Software managers for both end users and publishers have plans to update existing systems and processes to ensure that they meet the new data privacy laws. How will it effect you? Join KPMG compliance pros for an overview of this game-changing regulation and how it will affect your business in ways you may not have thought of.


Toyota Europe Retools its SAM Program to Support GDPR and IT Security (Mike Butler and Steven Wynants, Toyota Motor Europe)

Come learn how Toyota Europe overcame a history of decentralized SAM to build a community where common processes and tools all drive the same goals: cost savings, compliance, and adding value. Toyota's challenges may be like your own. Learn how they identified gaps in their multicounty SAM program, developed a pilot program to address language barriers and vendor preferences, then rolled out an approach that leveraged the expertise of affiliates, encouraged communications and focused on training. The current phase aims to integrate SAM with security and promote the value of SAM organization wide. (This session is for end users only.)

Calculating the Business Value of SAM (Flexera)

Putting figures to the value of your SAM program is a difficult puzzle. Immersed in the processes of quantifying licenses, users, and subscriptions, it's often hard to accurately qualify the effort to your business leaders in terms of value. Fortunately, Laurence James, a senior solution architect at Flexera, has some answers. In this session, he'll guide you through several pragmatic techniques to provide a foundation for determining your SAM business value. Join us to learn how to calculate and communicate the role of SAM in solving business challenges.





The Evolution of ITAM Maturity (Victoria Barber, Snow Software)

Where is your organization on the IT asset management maturity scale? If that's a difficult question to answer you're not alone. Maturity is a shifting target today as the digital world puts more demands on SAM and ITAM. Where once SAM was the primary focus, and licence compliance was the key deliverable, and cost optimisation was the ultimate objective, we now see these as the beginning of the journey. In this session with former Gartner SAM analyst Victoria Barber, now a director at Snow Software, you'll learn how to build a ITAM maturity model for your organisation that considers your management processes, procedures, and tools. Barber, a co-author of Gartner's "Evolving ITAM Roles as Organizations Mature and Scale," will also examine how the expectations and goals of ITAM have changed over time.

Sewing the Seeds of a SAM Culture (Informa)

Despite large investments in SAM tooling at organizations worldwide, no tool is a silver bullet for license compliance and optimization. Without securing management buy-in and changing end-user behavior, tools become ineffective. Learn how Jas Kalay, with Informa, is changing the culture of SAM at his organization, laying the groundwork for tools to be successful. (This session is for end users only.)

Oracle Roundtable discussion: Risks & Opportunities with Oracle and the Cloud (Oracle and independents)

This session continues the discussion of Oracle's innovative and aggressive push to increase cloud adoption and what that means for its customers. Oracle LMS reps and independent experts will be on hand to answer your Oracle questions and clarify sticky points. This session will be moderated by IBSMA.








Emerging Trends with IBM Licensing (IBM)

The ever-changing nature of IBM's licensing rules and processes—on-prem and in the cloud—make it very challenging to master this complex program. Here, IBM-licensing experts Antonio Gallotti, with IBM, highlight key current developments and emerging trends in IBM licensing to help you stay one step ahead. This session covers virtualization capacity updated terms and Flexpoints, the ins and out of ILMT obligations, IBM Cloud platform offerings, and licensing pitfalls to avoid. You'll also learn how to meet the License Management Option (LMO) reporting requirements, how to prepare for ending Subscription and Support coverage, rules and limitations of deploying software using the PartnerWorld Agreement, ELAs, and Spectrum Protect (formerly TSM) license models. Independent IBM expert Koen Dingjan, founder of Blue-LM, and representatives from KPMG will also be on hand to answer questions.


Prepare Your Organization for Tomorrow's Cyber Threats (Adam Maskatiya, Kaspersky)

Companies of all kinds need to understand the cyber threat landscape and how it's likely to develop. In this cutting-edge presentation, Adam Maskatiya from Kaspersky Labs will outline the trends he's seeing and offer predictions for 2018 and beyond based on Kaspersky research into the attacks of 2017.



Panel Discussion: Keeping SAM Relevant in an Environment of Digital Disruption

Today's successful software managers are platform-aware with internal audit and program methodologies that address software running in the cloud, virtual and traditional platforms. How are today's established SAM and compliance programs evolving to meet the challenges of the nimble IT organization of tomorrow? What are the challenges? Can traditional SAM survive? In this enlightening panel discussion, you'll hear from your peers on how to adapt processes to improve agility and flexibility, how to promote IT transformation, and how to stay relevant in an environment of digital disruption. The panel of experts will addresses a wide range of issues. Bring your questions and engage in the lively discussion. (Panelists to be announced.)

Sessions are open to all attendees unless listed otherwise. Sessions listed as end user only are NOT open to vendors, consultants, software resellers, software tool providers, compliance consultants, practitioner consultants or other SAM services professionals. Individuals in this category are welcome to attend sessions open to all attendees or sessions for vendors only. IBSMA may invite non end users to attend certain sessions as co-presenter, moderator or room monitor. Questions on this policy should be directed to IBSMA director's office.


Return to SAM Summit London home to register and for additional event details.

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