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SAM Summit Chicago


Summit Sessions

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2019 Sponsors

New in 2019
50-plus sessions, 40 of which are completely NEW!
More end user and roundtable discussion sessions
More networking and socializing, plus group dinners on Oct 21 and 22

Sessions run from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. October 21, and 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. October 22.

Here's an rundown of our exclusive NEW sessions for 2019. Download the agenda


Cloud Pricing Comparison 2019: AWS, AZURE, GOOGLE and IBM (Kim Weins, Flexera) FEATURED SESSION
Managing SaaS, Cloud, Vendors and Spending in the New IT Age (Panel discussion) SPONSORED BY ZYLO
Technical Update on Containers and Implications for SAMs (Trent Allgood, Anglepoint)
What You Need to Know Evaluating and Selecting SAM Managed Service Providers (Brian Watson)
Six Keys to Success with Salesforce (Scott Bickley, Info Tech)
Evolving and Adapting for Cloud and Subscription Licensing  (Marcia Watkins, Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL)
Rein in Your Cloud Costs and Licenses (Sandi Conrad, Info Tech)
Using Good Governance to Drive Cloud Cost Optimization (Paul Baguley, KPMG)
Using Data Driven Insights to Optimize Software and Cloud (Rich Reyes, Connor Consulting)
Gaming the Adobe Subscription Model (Wes Lewis, Look Licensing)

End user

State of SAM 2019 (Steven Russman, IBSMA)
Lower Audit Risk and Costs by Leveraging SAM Data (Alan Bain, ISAM)
Understand Workplace Culture and How it Shapes Your Team (Doug Rabold, Bold Ray Consulting)
Roundtable discussion: Is Your Criteria for Vendor Selection and Evaluation Outdated?  (Sandi Conrad, Info Tech)
Roundtable Discussion: How to Sell Your SAM Program to Management and Stay Visible (Kathleen Vanegas, end user practitioner)
How to Know when You Need Legal Advice (Julie Machal-Fulks, Scott & Scott)
Use the Psychology of Negotiation to Improve Your Skills and Strategies (CJ Ortega, SSES Global)
Roundtable Discussion: Challenges of Maintaining a Successful SAM Program  (Michaela Breen, Liberty Mutual Insurance)
Roundtable Discussion: Negotiating Audit Remediations (Marcia Watkins, Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL)
Dive into the Latest Security Strategies (Rita Zurbrigg, Info Tech)
Roundtable Discussion: Staffing Your SAM Team (Jillian McCue, CDK Global)
Roundtable Discussion: The State of the Software Request Process (Jeremy Boerger, Boerger Consulting)
SAM Industry Leaders Town Hall Discussion (Steven Russman, IBSMA)
Can You Play Enterprise Agreement Poker? (Doug Rabold, Bold Ray Consulting)


Practitioners Certificate in IBM License Management (Koen Dingjan, SolarCom)
Emerging Trends with IBM Licensing (Koen Dingjan, SolarCom)
More on What Most People Don't Know About IBM Licensing (CJ Ortega, SSES Global)
What You Need to Know About IBM’s License Metric Tool (Antonio Gallotti, IBM)
Case Study: IBM Tivoli Monitoring Licensing Optimization (Andres Rodriquez, IBM)


Buy What You Need, Not What Microsoft Wants to Sell (John Grubb, SoftwareAdvocates)
Journey to the Cloud Without Wasting Your On-prem Investment (Mike Austin, MetrixData 360)
Straight Talk on Microsoft Licensing for Cloud (Mike Austin, MetrixData 360)
G Suite and Microsoft Coexistence  (John Grubb, SoftwareAdvocates)
What's New with Microsoft's SAM and Cloud Migration Programs


Practitioners Certificate in Oracle License Management (Matthew Schwartz, Anglepoint)
Demystifying Oracle ULAs (Matthew Schwartz, Anglepoint)
Master the Oracle Cloud Catalog and Oracle License Management in Cloud Environments (Mohammad Inamullah, Redwood Compliance)
The Moving Parts of an Oracle Audit (Mohammad Inamullah, Redwood Compliance)
Negotiating with Oracle from a Position of Power (Matthew Schwartz, Anglepoint)
The Truth About Running VMware on Oracle (Eric Guyer)
Is Java Still Free? (Eric Guyer)
What's New with Oracle LMS Contract, Audit and Assurance Services (Dave May, Oracle)


Practitioners Certificate in SAP License Management (Jan Hachenberger, Anglepoint)
Simplify SAP System Measurement (Jan Hachenberger, Anglepoint)
Demystifying S/4HANA License Transition (Jan Hachenberger, Anglepoint)
SAP Licensing Gotchas and Software Optimization Guide (Rich Reyes, Connor Consulting)


Microsoft Users Networking Lunch (John Grubb, SoftwareAdvocates)
Oracle Users Networking Lunch (Matthew Schwartz, Anglepoint)
SAM Beginners Networking Lunch (Jeremy Boerger, Boerger Consulting)
SAP User Networking Lunch (Jan Hachenberger, Anglepoint)
IBM User Networking Lunch (Koen Dingjan, SolarCom)
SAM Summit Networking Dinner

Download the agenda

Return to your organization after the SAM Summit with the ability to make better decisions about the direction of your software and IT asset program, lower your compliance risks, cut costs, promote value and evangelize the latest tools and techniques.

Sessions are open to all attendees unless listed otherwise. Sessions listed as end user only are NOT open to vendors, consultants, software resellers, software tool providers, compliance consultants, practitioner consultants or other SAM services professionals. Individuals in this category are welcome to attend sessions open to all attendees or sessions for vendors only. IBSMA may invite non end users to attend certain sessions as co-presenter, moderator or room monitor. Questions on this policy should be directed to IBSMA director's office.

Pre-registration not required for conference session. When rooms are filled, session is closed to additional attendees.

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