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SAM Summit 2021

the premier summit for advanced-level
software license management practitioners

Summit Sessions

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SAM Summit returns as an online conference on Nov. 3 and Nov. 9.

We changed the format for SAM SUMMIT CHICAGO from in-person to online. The resurgence of Covid in the U.S. make planning for an in-person event of this type very challenging. The online event will proceed on Nov. 3 when we run the Core track (track one), followed on Nov. 9 by the Hot topics and discussions track (track two).

Sessions are open to all attendees unless listed otherwise. Sessions listed as end user only are NOT open to vendors, consultants, software resellers, software tool providers, compliance consultants, practitioner consultants or other SAM services professionals. Individuals in this category are welcome to attend sessions open to all attendees or sessions for vendors only. IBSMA may invite non end users to attend certain sessions as co-presenter, moderator or room monitor. Questions on this policy should be directed to IBSMA director's office.

  Nov. 3, 2021 | Core track Nov. 9, 2021 | Hot topics/roundtables track
  All times in U.S, Eastern time. Daylight savings time ends in the U.S. on Nov. 7. Be sure to check the time difference for your location as it may vary by state or country.

Online orientation and pre event networking Online orientation and pre event networking
9:00-9:45 Panel Discussion: Creating the New Normal for SAM and Software License Management

Moderated by Steven Russman, IBSMA. Panelists to be announced.

Evolving and Adapting Your SAM Program for 2022 (Beth Kaminski, Dart Container)

The pandemic of 2021-21 has forever changed the world of work. And for those of us working in software license management, that and corporate IT are also changed. Accelerated cloud and software-as-a-service adoption, work from home, supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages create new challenges and opportunities for software managers. Today's SAM teams can't just count licenses and defends audits. Those days are gone, but do you and your SAM program have the direction, staff and vision to reassess, evolve and thrive? New skillsets, objectives and attitudes are needed to collaborate with business leaders and to claim your seat at the table. Beth Kaminski, forward-looking SAM leader at Dart Container, shares wisdom, along with her vision for building and running your SAM program in 2022. Bring your questions to our opening session on day two of SAM Summit Online.



What's New with IBM Licensing and Licensing Tools (Antonio Gallotti, IBM)

Attention IBM license managers: don't miss this information-packed session covering IBM's latest announcements on licensing software deployed in containers—including IBM Cloud Paks!

Antonio Gallotti, WW Technical Licensing Manager and WW ILMT & License Service Product Manager with IBM, will cover the high-level concepts behind Cloud Paks and the new terms and conditions for running IBM software in containers. Gallotti also promises a discussion on how software license managers should prepare. Additionally, he will introduce the new License Service tool for metering IBM software in containers, and an update on what's new with IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT).

Licensing IT Security Solutions Deep Dive and Refresher (Marcia Watkins, Mutual of Omaha)

Brush up on the importance of SAM and IT asset management in your company's IT security profile. Best practices are necessary for keeping environments safe and secure from ransomware and dark predators, but you may need a new tool to monitor deployments and upgrades, plus training users on avoiding phishing emails. Marcia Watkins will guide us on an exploration through traditional security software and some of the latest trends, how they are managed on premise and in hosted environments, and why asset management can be key to your organization's security.

10:45-11:00 Break Break


What's New with SAP Licensing and Compliance (Becki Riall, ITAA)

Learn the latest so you can make educated decisions on licensing and managing your SAP software investment. In this What's New with SAP session, we'll cover upcoming deadlines for digital access and support changes, the new cloud edition for S/4HANA, audit trends and observations, and digital access. Our SAP expert, Becki Riall with It Asset Alliance, will discuss the latest updates, best practices, and real-life examples of overcoming the complexity of SAP licensing that you won't hear from SAP! Bring your questions and prepare to take a deep dive into this interactive presentation.

Less Cajoling and More Cooperation: Making IT and SAM Work Together (Jeremy Boerger and Andrea Dale)

SAM managers sometimes find that the business and IT leadership are at odds with each other. We all know that SAM and ITAM are integral parts of the IT business solution, but it takes work to straddle the divide and stay visible and relevant. Andrea Dale and Jeremy Boerger offer recommendations for overcoming communication and cooperation challenges, sharing their experiences and inviting you to join in and offer yours. The roundtable will start with a short overview, followed by engaging discussion.

Andrea Dale, Executive Coach with To the Point Coaching, helps IT and tech leaders influence executives, promote communication, and stay visible.

Jeremy Boerger, Founder of Boerger Consulting, helps CIOs reign in out-of-control IT budgets by leveraging a new ITAM methodology to permanently stop cost overruns.



What's New with IBM Compliance and Audits (Koen Dingjan, IT Asset Alliance)

The ever-changing nature of IBM's on-prem and cloud licensing rules make it very challenging to master this vendor's complex program. Whether your organization is conducting a self audit, preparing for a vendor audit or contract renewal, or just looking for tips to improve ongoing management, our expert, Koen Dingjan with IT Asset Alliance, is here to help. Dingjan is a popular presenter at SAM Summit conferences, and in this session, he focuses only on IBM audits. He'll cover establishing your baseline with Passport Advantage, identifying high-risk products, tackling processor-based metrics (PVU, VPC, RVU MAPC), reviewing ILMT data and requirements for sub capacity licensing, pre-audit remediation activity, and managing your IBM audit from start to finish. Bring your questions for this invigorating session.

Helping SAM and Software Provisioning Work Together (Dylan Holloran, Salesforce)

Maturing your SAM practice includes building integrations with software provisioning—which is the process of setting up IT infrastructure. SAM and provisioning work together to form the steps required to manage access to data and resources, and make software licenses available to users and systems. Integrating provisioning with SAM means you'll need processes and automation to assign new licenses, retire outdated software, and reclaim and reassign surplus licenses. We're all looking to save money and control costs, but how well do things work in real life? Join Dylan Holloran, lead SAM analyst with Salesforce.com for an interactive discussion. He'll cover principles and practices—including tips and lessons learned from personal experiences—and you'll be invited to share your expertise.

12:45-1:15 Lunch break. Sessions resume at 1:15 Eastern time. Lunch break. Sessions resume at 1:15 Eastern time.


Comparing Cloud Infrastructure Services Across Providers (Mohammad Inamullah, Redwood Compliance)

Whether you're moving Oracle on-prem licenses to the cloud or interested to learn how cloud providers' prices and options compare, this session is for you. Mohammad Inamullah, Oracle licensing expert with Redwood Compliance, is a regular presenter at SAM Summits and returns to Chicago with an up-to-the-minute analysis of costs and options for mapping your Oracle on-prem licenses to the cloud, including a systematic mapping process developed by Mohammad himself! He'll start with conducting a compliance review, cover the basics and share his own real-life examples drawn from his recent experiences. BYOL and other license options will also be covered.


Audit Clause Working Group, Overview Presentation and Discussion (David Eastwood, FTI Consulting)

It's time to review your IT contract audit clauses to make sure they don't expose your company to technology, business, and IT security risks. Whether your software runs on-prem, in the cloud, or via a SaaS interface, audit clauses provide a contractual means to define the obligations and rights of software publishers and their customers. Efforts are now underway to create a model code of practice to guide contract writers, professional auditors, and software users. Join the discussion with SAM industry veteran David Eastwood with FTI Consulting in London. David is leading the international group responsible for developing this game-changing approach. In this interactive session he will present an outline for the model audit practice and you'll be invited to share your input, as well as given information so that you may get involved with the effort.



What's New with Microsoft Licensing (Aadil Nanji, InfoTech)

Microsoft products and licensing are constantly evolving. Keeping up with the latest updates for M365, Dynamics 365, Power Platforms, and Azure—as well as keeping track of changing agreement types, pricing, discounts and terms—can be a full-time job. If your contract is up for renewal, you'll want to get up to speed—and quickly—on today's negotiation points so your company can get the best deal. Join this interactive session with Aadil Nanji, director at InfoTech Research Group, for an up-to-the-minute look at Microsoft's business today. We'll start with an overview of the top areas to watch for, and explore them in more detail based on audience input, so bring your questions!

Roundtable Discussion: How to End Your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (Steve Jelso, Cisco)

In this session our guest facilitator Stephen Jelso, Senior Manager, IT, SAM, Software and Labor Agreements at Cisco Corp., will address the landmines and "gotchas" that pop up while you're exiting your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA). Steve has several areas to cover when it comes to exiting the ULA: hiring experts to help, anticipating and managing pressure from the vendor, discovering and inventorying Oracle products in use, and implications for ongoing technical support. Steve Jelso is an IT finance pro with experience in software vendor management, negotiating large enterprise agreements, SAM, and compliance and financial planning. Bring your questions and share your experiences in this small group discussion—experience with Oracle is not required!


2:45-3:00 Break Break
3:00-3:45 Getting to Know Workday Licensing (Scott Bickley, InfoTech)

Meet the next cloud-based software megavendor fighting for the top spot in the enterprise human capital management market—while also aggressively pursuing finance and back office functions including payroll, benefits, and compensation. Workday is large and powerful enough to create its own business model, and competes with Oracle, SAP, and others. Workday is successful at convincing the C-suite to try something new, and SAMs, vendor and contract managers must be ready to negotiate a superior contract with this up-and-coming leader as soon as possible. Scott Bickley, research director with Infotech, shares his analysis of Workday and what to watch out for. He'll cover Workday position, growth and business model, products, license metric, and commercial terms to include in your contract, as well as taking audience questions. Attend this session to learn how you can master managing this megavendor!

4 Must Ask Questions to Assess Your Compliance with Microsoft Licensing Terms (John Grubb, SoftwareAdvocates)

John Grubb, Microsoft licensing aficionado, returns to SAM Summit with a must-attend discussion for Microsoft licensing and compliance managers. In this interactive session John will review four must-ask questions you'll need to answer to ensure you're on the right track with Microsoft. First, how well do you understand licensing and product use rights? Second, are you keeping up with licensing changes? Third, what is the impact of dropping Software Assurance (SA)? And fourth, what safety checks are in place to assess and verify compliance? Don't wait to receive an audit letter to start asking, and answering, these questions. The time to act is now. Bring your questions to this interactive session with one of our attendees' favorite Microsoft presenters.

4:00-4:45 Closing session Q+A forum and wrap up with attendees and presenters Closing session Q+A forum and wrap up with attendees and presenters
Updated Sept. 30, 2021.

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