SAM Industry Leaders to Create Guide to Software Tagging Standards (July 25, '07)

SAM Industry Leaders to Create Consortium to Produce Software Tagging Standards Guide


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SAM Industry Leaders to Create Guide to Software Tagging Standards

ANN ARBOR, MICH. (July 25, 2007) – A consortium of some of the largest and most influential players in the software asset management field—both practitioners and software publishers—is forming now to create a single model for the creation and use of software asset tags. Contribute your expertise to this powerful work group by contacting IBSMA to join the consortium.

The foundation for the consortium’s mission—to create technical specifications and implementation guidance for creating software tags—is the developing international standard ISO/IEC 19770-2. The International Business Software Managers Association drafted the standard and ISO has been granted rights to publish the draft as an international standard.

The consortium’s implementation model will become the practical complement to the software tagging standard, creating specific details on how tags are created, modified and used. IBSMA is shepherding the formation of the consortium that ultimately will be an independent, self-governed body with a stake in the work product, including copyrights, patent rights and intellectual property rights.

“This collaborative approach will save time and money, and allow the members to leverage each other’s expertise,” says IBSMA Executive Director Steven Russman.

Once the software tag creation guidance is complete, SAM tool providers will begin the task of adjusting their products to properly interpret industry-standard inventory tags. The end result will be software that is easier to identify, install and use.

Software asset managers and developers may start to see software and tools conforming to the tag standard within 12 to 18 months of the tag project’s completion. “For IT pros around the world, this means a greatly enhanced ability to track their software origination, modification, and dependencies, resulting in fewer audits and more accurate record keeping,” says Russman.

For more on the consortium’s mission and timeline, an overview of the project, plus how tagging standards will impact the industry, read the FAQ posted online at:

Companies interested in joining the consortium should call IBSMA on 734/930-1925 or email to

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