IBSMA to Develop International Software Tag Standard, ISO 19770-2 (Nov. 6, '06)

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ANN ARBOR, MICH. (Nov. 6, 2006) The International Organization for Standardization (ISO.org), through its ISO/IEC Working Group 21, has appointed the International Business Software Managers Association to draft the industry standard for software tagging and identification.

The selection of IBSMA is a continuation of its work to gather and analyze industry opinion on software tag standards and define the scope of ISO 19770-2, the proposed standard.

"We are excited to continue our work with top industry experts in software asset management to organize development of such a groundbreaking standard," says IBSMA founder Steven Russman. "This standard will significantly impact the IT industry, including software publishers, tool vendors and end users."

The IBSMA recently presented to the ISO/IEC Working Group 21 in London, the body responsible for developing software asset management (SAM) standards, a report on the current environment of SAM standards including targets for development, tag details and business benefits. The report (available at ECPweb.com/publications.html) uncovered a strong need for software identification standards to make the job of inventorying and managing software and entitlement easier.

The IBSMA is convening a committee of industry leaders to draft the standard. Members of the SAM Standards Committee include Adobe Systems, Altiris, Centennial Software, BDNA Corp., CA, ECPweb, ExpressMetrix, IBM, ManageSoft, Oracle, Questra Advisors, Sassafras Software and Symantec. (To join IBSMA’s SAM Standards committee visit ECPmedia.com/ibsma_samstds.html.)

The committee will begin work this month and expects to issue the draft standard for public comment on Jan. 15, 2007. IBSMA will gather and analyze feedback and incorporate it into a final draft of the standard to be presented at the ISO plenary meeting in May (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Software publishers, their customers, IT service providers and tool vendors all have a stake in adoption of standards for uniform software tagging, says Russman. "IBSMA is committed to delivering draft standards that thoroughly and thoughtfully address the wide-ranging needs of the software asset management industry."

The International Business Software Mangers Association (IBSMA) is an international association of business-focused software asset management (SAM) professionals working together to develop and promote SAM best practices and Address issues of common concern. IBSMA is a program of ECPweb.com. Visit IBSMA.com.-

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