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CM Summit 2015

The One Value-Packed Summit for Compliance Professionals

innovating for success in 2015

Thank you for making the 2015 Compliance Manager Summit a ground breaking success! In case you missed this year’s event, here’s a recap of the major themes. Join us next year. Watch this space for details. Read about CM Summit on LinkedIn.

Steven Russman   Steven Russman, IBSMA (left) and Jonathan Koop, Oracle (right)

Recap of CM Summit 2015

On March 12-13, IBSMA hosted in San Francisco the third annual Compliance Manager Summit, the largest gathering of software company compliance program professionals in the industry. License compliance professionals and auditors, including experts from Oracle, IBM, and Adobe, traded insights on trends for 2015. They also shared best practices and analyzed the best ways to face the challenges presented by the rapidly changing compliance management environment.  

Steven Russman, IBSMA's Executive Director, launched the event with a rousing round panel discussion. Software company compliance executives, including Mathieu Baissac (Flexera), Richard Atkinson (Adobe), Jarod Collins (EMC), and Courtney Grey (PricewaterhouseCoopers), debated the biggest opportunities developing for compliance managers. Clearly, the relationship between vendor and customers is quickly evolving, and it's up to compliance managers to guide the outcome.

"You can be focused on revenue, always, but at what price?" asked Atkinson, Corporate Director of Adobe System's Global Piracy Conversion Team. "I can force you to pay me, but you will hate me."

Richard Atkinson Chris RuhlRichard Atkinson, Adobe (left) and Chris Ruhl, PwC (right)

Atkinson advised the CM Summit attendees to take the long view when assessing the value of each customer, even if they're not yet paying for their software. As long as they're using your software, they're not contributing to your competitors' coffers. Atkinson's take on the vendor-customer relationship turned out to be one of the themes for the event. Whether you're managing a global program with multiple languages and unique local laws or you're just revving up a compliance management program, the CM Summit's experts agreed that compliance managers need to leverage their audits carefully among their customers. The audit should be just one component of a compliance management program. And, if you do it right, audit conversations will be few and far between.

Reviewing Challenges, Identifying Opportunities

CM Summit session leaders covered a range of timely topics. Grey and Chris Ruhl from PricewaterhouseCoopers discussed the eight forces that are transforming license compliance programs, including customers' demand for new value-added services and vendors' need to cultivate long-term relationships with customers.  

CM Summit Sherri Erickson

Kris Johnson (Anglepoint) outlined the pros and cons of outsourcing your SAM (software asset management) practice. Ultimately, if you choose the right partners, outsourcing can encourage customers to be more proactive about managing their compliance while distancing your company from the unpleasantness of conducting audits.

In a session addressing compliance challenges inherent to software as a service (SAAS) offerings, Ron Brill (Anglepoint) said that rather than solving all piracy problems, SAAS introduces new issues that compliance managers need to stay in front of, including revenue leak and unauthorized usage.

Experts also dug deep into specific issues, such as the use of IBM's tags for asset discovery, data mining in compliance programs, and the compliance challenges of open source software.

CM Summit  

Software Demos and Peer Networking

Between sessions, CM Summit attendees had plenty of time to view software demos, including SAM tools from Aspera, BDNA and Flexera, network with peers, and pick the brains of the executive experts who lead the sessions. The could also meet with exhibitors, including representatives from Accordo, Echez and V.I. Labs.

Attendees left the CM Summit armed with the knowledge to expand and improve their compliance management programs. Summit participants are ready to tackle the complex compliance challenges of a rapidly changing licensing world, knowing they now have allies among the world's largest software companies.

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Who should attend

The event focuses on presenting innovations and successes in these areas:

Executive views on compliance
Trends and events affecting publisher compliance programs
Developing programs for the midmarket and globally using qualified SAM partners
New technologies for compliance and enforcement, plus a sneak preview of new enterprise SAM tools
Publisher-provided tools for compliance and license management
Focus on compliance analytics and adapting your program for the cloud and software-as-a-service
Lessons learned from starting and running a compliance program: Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle and Autodesk
Stimulating panel discussions with industry leading companies, including Oracle, Adobe, EMC, IBM and more
Dynamics of monetizing software, for hardware vendors
What's new in SAM standards affecting software publishers
Customer case studies, stimulating group discussions and more.

Compliance Manager Summit 2015 is for software company license compliance professionals
in the U.S., Europe and globally.

License compliance program managers and staff
Software compliance auditors and software asset managers
Legal, finance and accounting staff
Executives looking to start or grow a compliance management program
Sales operations
Industry consultants

Location & Hotel Info

Compliance Manager Summit 2016 will be held in the San Francisco Bay area in the spring of 2016. Details will be posted in mid 2015.

Summit Sessions

We've put together a top-notch agenda of stimulating speakers and topics drawn from our extensive list of professional members and industry leaders. The 2015 agenda is below. Watch for the 2016 agenda later this year.

CM Summit
  Thursday, March 12
7:30–8:30 Registration and breakfast
8:30–9:30 Executive Views on Compliance 2015 Moderated by Steven Russman, Executive Director, IBSMA

Expect frank assessments, diverse views and lively debate (including audience participation) at this panel discussion among software company compliance executives as they address the biggest challenges and opportunities in running compliance programs today. Panelists include Mathieu Baissac (Flexera), Richard Atkinson (Adobe), Jarod Collins (EMC) and Courtney Grey (PwC).

9:45–10:30 Strategies and Opportunities of Today's Global Licensing Programs Jonathan Koop, Vice President, Global License Management Services, Oracle

Software licensing takes on unique challenges as soon as you cross borders. Cultural differences, business practice, language and even local customs are what make licensing management in China dramatically different from that in London. Join Jonathan Koop, Global Vice President of Oracle License Management Services (overseeing operations spanning 45 countries) as he presents the Oracle approach to global license management. He'll outline the strategic benefits of a cohesive approach and the challenges any software publisher could face. Join us later in the day at our round-table discussion as Jonathan guides participants in a lively discussion of global licensing program best practices. Tell us your story!

10:30–11:00 Break
11:00–11:40 8 Forces Transforming License Compliance Programs Today Chris Ruhl and Courtney Grey, PwC

Today's breed of software license compliance (SLC) programs are more successful than ever. They ensure intellectual property is protected and revenue is recovered. Yet, as audit activity continues to rise, there are significant changes transforming SLC programs across the industry. There's a transformational shift in the software industry from "don't ruin customer relationships with an audit" to "enhance customer relationships thru richer engagement," specifically with new value-add advisory services. Join us for a dynamic discussion on the forces changing compliance programs and some of the most innovative results.

11:50–12:30 Adobe on Why the Cloud Won't Stop Piracy Richard Atkinson, Adobe Systems

Adobe's Richard Atkinson, worldwide director for anti-piracy, on tackling piracy in the cloud: He challenges the myth that the shift to subscription offerings eliminates piracy. Adobe confronts piracy as a business issue elevating it above its usual compliance and brand-protection efforts. In this session, Atkinson explores the company's fundamental steps toward protecting customers, converting pirate users and improving the environment for business. Read our article on this session on ECPMedia.com.

12:30–1:30 Networking lunch
1:30–2:15 Licensing Trends and Strategies for Monetizing Software & Devices Mathieu Baissac, Flexera Software

Hear the latest licensing, pricing and license management trends affecting the software industry, including what's driving device manufacturers to move to hybrid solutions (hardware plus software). Baissac will explore the transition as well as how business and supply chain models must change to support a physical/digital solution, while continuing to deliver an excellent customer experience.

2:30–3:15 Does Outsourcing SAM Really Boost Compliance? Leveraging SAM Partners to Expand Your Compliance Program and Enhance Customer Relationships Kris Johnson, Anglepoint

Is outsourcing SAM akin to audit protection? Here, Kris Johnson of Anglepoint explores how, increasingly, software publishers are showing audit restraint toward customers who employ trusted partners to manage software titles. Is this a move to shift more of the economic cost of license compliance over to customers or does it also encourage customers to be proactive about SAM? Join us as we explore the pros and cons of this trend.

3:15–3:30 Break
3:30–4:10 Autodesk's SAM Services: Much More than Compliance Douglas Westphal, Autodesk

As the software industry shifts from audits to education as the preferred method of license compliance, Autodesk, too, is ramping up its SAM program by training an elite force of Autodesk sales staff as SAM advisors. Join Douglas Westphal, Autodesk's senior manager of license management services for the Americas, in this eye-opening case study of how to put the intersection of license compliance and SAM into practice with customers in the field.

Sales Strategies to Guarantee Revenue Recovery Results Jason Swan, Software Compliance Group

Learn how taking a sales-oriented approach to compliance will help you accelerate and operationalize license revenue recovery. Jason Swan, with Software Compliance Group, will show how to construct a program that can win in the field by leveraging inside sales staff and intellectual property lawyers, audits and raids, as well as other ways to recover lost revenue. Jason will address appropriate strategies for different regions and situations.

4:20–5:00 Exploiting Business Intelligence to Supercharge Your Compliance Program Edwin Sanchez, Echez

The more business intelligence your compliance program can harness, the better it can impact the bottom line. Internal data and analysis from sales coupled with external industry analysis can position compliance professionals to proactively and effectively uncover market opportunities. Learn how and where you can find the data to provide insights to internal stakeholders and enrich the value delivered to your software users.

What You Don't Know can Hurt Your Bottom Line: How to Successfully Scale Compliance Internationally Sherri Erickson, Accordo Group

Your customers may not be the only ones with compliance gaps. For the compliance manager seeking to understand where gaps in compliance programs frequently exist, why executives care deeply about those gaps, and how to successfully resolve them, this session is for you. You'll see business scenarios faced by both large and small software publishers, and learn proven global best practices that deliver results.


5:00–6:30 Welcome reception sponsored by v.i.Labs.

CM Summit welcomes conference attendees and IBSMA San Francisco Bay Area members to this reception. Join us for drinks and appetizers, visit with the sponsors and enter the prize drawing to win a valuable prize. IBSMA members not attending the conference should register in advance (preregistration required) for the reception.


CM Summit  CM Summit CM Summit CM Summit CM Summit 


  Friday, March 13
7:30–8:30 Networking breakfast
8:30–9:15 Ten Things You Need to Know about Open Source Compliance Heather Meeker, Partner, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

Join Heather Meeker, a leading intellectual property transactions lawyer, in a lively discussion of open source software compliance do's and don'ts. Meeker has represented some of the world's largest software and technology companies as well as innovative, venture-backed software start-ups. She'll cover everything you need to need to know about open source compliance, from delivering embedded software notices, to monitoring source code, to layered license compatibility and licenses in the GITHUB generation. Read our article on this session on ECPMedia.com.

Turn SaaS Challenges into Compliance Successes Ron Brill, Anglepoint

Software as a service may be the bright new future for publishers but it presents new challenges for compliance managers. Do you have a plan for containing revenue leakage, customer attrition, online piracy and hacking in a SaaS world? In this session you’ll learn how compliance programs are adapting to address these new challenges in the cloud age. Bring you success stories and questions to the conversation!

SAM Tool Demo with Aspera Robbie Plourde, Aspera

Aspera SmartTrack is the lifeblood of license management specifically designed for large and complex organizations. SmartTrack offers one-click compliance analysis and license optimization for more than 170 publishers. This is the next generation solution for server and data center license management in a 100% Web and cloud based service.

9:30–10:15 Simplified Open Source Software License Compliance Kevin Wang, TLDRLegal

In an age where open source license violations permeate software, building and scaling an effective compliance program quickly can be extremely intimidating and expensive for developers and end users. TLDRLegal simplifies these licenses into plain-English, human-readable formats and today, has served more than one million license summaries to hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. Join Kevin Wang, creator of TLDRLegal and FOSSA, for insights on how to simplify open source compliance to help users and developers make better licensing decisions.

A Practical Guide to Mining Your Compliance Programs for Data Brian Papay, Oracle License Management Services

Is your compliance group's internal reporting and analytics efficient and agile? Oracle's Brian Papay explores how data mining and business intelligence tools can provide the data every publisher needs to advance compliance management. He'll provide insights on building effective internal license program reporting systems and present his company's approach to license management services. From an overview of Oracle's license management service to today's customer expectations, Papay will allow plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.

SAM Tool Demo with BDNA Joey Merz, BDNA
BDNA offers a unique and proactive approach to SAM and compliance policies that can minimize risk and help manage an enterprises' product portfolio. Attend this session for an overview and demonstration of BDNA's tool suite.
10:15–10:30 Break


Part 2: Why IBM Makes Tags the Cornerstone of Asset Discovery Brian Turner, IBM

To achieve the next level of automation in asset discovery and inventory technology, IBM will employ ISO 19770 tags for deployment time identification and usage mode (e.g., test or production). In this session, IBM program manager Brian Turner returns to CM Summit to offer recent developments in how proprietary software identification (SWID) tags will be replaced with industry standard tags that can be used with basic usage and metering data to provide near real-time metrics for enterprise software deployments.

SAM Tool Demo with Flexera Eric Rodwell, Flexera Software

Flexera Software will present an overview and demo of its software license optimization solution, FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. This suite is used by more than 1,000 enterprises worldwide. Attend this session to learn how Flexera customers maintain license compliance and maximize utilization of software assets.

11:20–12:00 Town Hall Meeting: Software Compliance Pros Exchange Views (Panel discussion) Moderated by Steven Russman

It's the closing session of CM Summit and we've been informed an educated on the latest trends, strategies and tactics for compliance. Join the town hall meeting for what is sure to be a lively and provocative discussion of today's top-of-mind issues and concerns, presented from multiple points of view. Our panel of seasoned software company experts will answer questions, plus you can share your views. Panelists include Sherri Erickson (Accordo), Edwin Sanchez (Echez) and Jason Swan (Software Compliance Group).

12:00–1:15 Networking lunch

Schedule current as of March 3, 2015. Subject to change without notice.

2015 Sponsors & Exhibitors


Global software publishers have long recognized that compliance gaps in small and medium businesses (SMB) negatively impact the company’s bottom line. It’s challenging to address this business problem cost effectively while maintaining customer satisfaction.  Executives are seeking solutions to this revenue leakage and Accordo has 15 years experience using world-class tools and services to reach SMBs globally and successfully guide them through a standardized process to achieve multiple business objectives. Visit Accordo.com for more information.


The Echez Group (e-chez.com) operates in 35 countries with a proven success record on helping software publishers achieve their goals and reduce challenges in the software compliance and licensing optimization arenas. The Echez Group focuses on:

Publishers and distributors compliance dilemmas through our compliance marketing and consulting models, market research, and business intelligence. Visit complarketing.com.
Software consumers challenges through our multi-brand licensing consulting. Visit e-chez.com.
Software compliance education offering for any type of audiences and major technologies. Visit softcomin.com.

V.I. Labs

V.i. Labs offers software providers solutions to identify, track, and create actionable intelligence on the use and misuse of their software to increase revenue. Its CodeArmor® platform is used by leading software providers to recover revenue lost to unlicensed software use, gain compliant customers and globally reduce the pirated use of their software applications. Customers have identified $7 billion in revenue recovery opportunities and are adding an average of 10 to 25 percent additional revenue to their top lines. Learn more at vilabs.com.


The International Business Software Mangers Association (IBSMA) is the world's largest nonprofit association of business-focused software management (SAM) professionals working together to develop and promote SAM best practices and address issues of common concern. Visit IBSMA.com for details.

CM Summit 2015


CMsummit2015_v2_173.jpg CM Summit | March 12-13, 2015 in San Francisco

Effective Feb. 1 the early registration discount will be $50. Effective March 1 there will be no discounts. No refunds of conference fees after Feb. 26. See our policy.

Conference registration fee includes all conference sessions, meals, reception and materials. Discount coupons listed on check-out page. Select items and proceed to check out. To use a purchase order or for direct billing, contact IBSMA at 734.930.1925 or e-mail Services@IBSMA.com. Full payment is due March 1, 2015. Registrations using early bird discounts must be paid at time of order with a credit card. For groups, contact IBSMA to request a group discount coupon. Group discounts may not be applied to prior registrations. Rates subject to change without notice.

This event is for the software industry, service providers and consultants. End users should attend SAM Summit in Chicago. Note: The reception on March 12 is open to all IBSMA end user and industry members and guests.

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Price $1,245.00 $1,145.00 $1,045.00
Online registration closes March 11.

Select from the options below:

CMsummit2015_v2_173.jpg CM Summit | March 12 Networking Reception in San Francisco

This reception and networking event is for all SAM professionals and there is no charge to attend.

888 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Thursday, March 12, 2014
5:00-6:30 p.m.
InterContinental Ballroom, 5th Floor

Join members of the IBSMA San Francisco Bay Area SAM community for drinks and appetizers, plus visit with the exhibitors and enter the prize drawings, to be held at the conclusion of the reception. This registration covers the networking reception only, from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m on March 12, 2015. Online registration only for this event. No walk-ins.

CM Summit welcome reception sponsored by v.i.Labs.

For questions, contact IBSMA at 1.734.930.1925 or e-mail Services@IBSMA.com. RSVP below.

Please select one:

PCOLM Oracle License Management


Course level: Practitioner Certificate Course (PCOLM)

Overview of Oracle License Management Course (classroom course)
Oracle software products are among the world's most powerful and complex. IT professionals at all levels often struggle to understand the depths of Oracle licensing options and compliance features.

This course will empower you to make informed decisions on licensing and managing your Oracle software. The content covers not only the fundamentals of Oracle software licensing, technical support polices and software asset management, but also the essentials of server architecture, licensing and compliance concepts.

This course is ideal for beginners to experienced software license managers. In fact, anyone responsible for acquiring and managing Oracle software in the most cost effective and compliant way possible, including database and system administrators, contracts and procurement personnel, software license managers and IT managers, will benefit. Note: Sun hardware and maintenance concepts will not be covered.

What you'll learn
Here, you will master 10 critical areas of Oracle software license management. We use a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises to help you relate the material everyday situations. Each module presents Oracle handouts and practical tips for applying the concepts. At the completion of this course you'll understand Oracle products, purchasing, metrics, contracts, licenses, compliance programs, preparing for an audit and much more. Click here for the detailed course outline.

The expert instructors
Max Ablimit is the founder of Tarim Consulting and an Oracle licensing expert, based in the San Francisco Bay area. Ablimit is a veteran of Oracle License Management Services (LMS) with 10 years work experience in license compliance and six years with Oracle. During his tenure with Oracle, Ablimit received technical and commercial training in Oracle's license policy for database, middleware and applications, including advanced expertise in Oracle business practices and go-to-market strategies. Ablimit has managed more than 500 Oracle license audits and contract negotiations. He is a Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM). For more on Max, click here.

Melissa Cortale is an Oracle licensing expert and founder of CorTek Global Solutions, an IT services and software asset management (SAM) consulting firm. Melissa gained extensive knowledge of Oracle’s licensing, support, business practices, and go-to-market strategies as a technology sales manager at Oracle where she negotiated more than 300 transactions and sold over $50 million in software. Melissa provides her CorTek clients with strategies for reducing spend and maximizing Oracle investments. Melissa holds a Bachelors Degree in electrical engineering from Tulane University and a Practitioners Certificate (PCOLM) in Oracle License Management from IBSMA. For more on Melissa, click here.

Note: Instructor varies by location. Check with IBSMA for instructor details.

Course format
The course length is 1.5 days from 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m the first day and from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the second day. Complete the course and take the optional one-hour exam online. The exam is included in the course fee. Students passing the test will receive IBSMA’s PCSLA certificate.

This course may be offered in a condensed daylong format from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Condensed courses will cover all modules and move at a rapid pace. The optional one-hour exam is included in the course fee.

The course is also available for on-site instruction.

Dates and times
Select the sessions from the options below. Click here for a calendar of all IBSMA courses.

Materials and class size
All course materials are provided. Space is limited to 20 people. If the minimum number of registrations is not attained we may cancel or defer this class. We are not responsible for travel-related expenses incurred in the event of a change.

It is recommended, but not required, that attendees bring original Oracle order documents, support-renewal contracts, master maintenance spreadsheets and other documentation to use in the course exercises.

Contact Services@IBSMA.com or call 1.734.930.1925 for further information.

Use coupon 508 and pay by credit card to save 10% off the registration fee. Add to cart and click on coupon code on shopping cart. Valid for registrations submitted 14 days in advance of the course date.

Revised March 17, 2015.

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Price $1,490.00 $1,440.00 $1,390.00

Select the sessions from the options below. Add to cart to view final price:

Advanced PCILM IBM License Management


Course level: Basic Plus Advanced Practitioner Certificate Course (PCILM)

This item listing contains an overview of the Basic and Advanced IBM Practitioner Certificate Courses. Effective April 1, 2015, the Basic and Advanced course are combined into a 1.5 day course.

Day 1: Overview of Basic IBM License Management Course (classroom course)
Managing IBM license compliance can be challenging for even the most experienced IT asset managers. And the dynamic nature of IBM software licensing requires a continuous review of IBM compliance management processes and practices.

This course will help you learn about critical areas of IBM licensing and develop a practical approach to creating reliable IBM license compliance reports. We will illustrate key concepts and pitfalls using exercises based on real-life customer scenarios. At the completion of this course, you will have in-depth knowledge on how to effectively determine your IBM license entitlements, deployment and compliance position using all available resources.

What you'll learn
Using a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises, we cover the following topics:

  • Background information on IBM product portfolio and agreement types
  • General processes for determining entitlement and deployment quantities
  • Discussion of key IBM license metrics such as PVUs and Authorized Users
  • Steps to create an IBM license compliance report
  • IT asset management and SAM tools: How they can be used, and what are their limitations
  • How to prepare for and manage an IBM license compliance audit
  • Introduction to specialty topics such as sub-capacity licensing, ILMT, advanced metrics, backup/temporary use
  • Real-life cases on what can go wrong during an IBM license audit
  • Discussion of useful online resources

The seminar will include various hands-on exercises using case studies. Attendees are invited to indicate specific topics of interest. Click here for a detailed course outline.


Day 2: Overview of Advanced IBM License Management Course (classroom course)
Managing IBM license compliance can be challenging for even the most experienced IT asset managers. And the dynamic nature of IBM software licensing requires a continuous review of IBM compliance management processes and practices. Day 2 builds on the basic concepts covered in day 1.

What you'll learn
Using a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises, we cover the following topics:

  • Review of detailed audit procedures for common license metrics and products, such as Cognos, DB2, Lotus, Rational, WebSphere and Tivoli
  • Common licensing grey areas, and how to mitigate license compliance risk
  • IBM license compliance management in large organizations
  • Real-life cases providing examples on how to effectively deal with an IBM license audit
  • In-depth discussion on specialty topics such as sub-capacity licensing, less common license metrics/products, recent licensing changes

Day 2 will include various hands-on exercises using case studies. Attendees are invited to indicate specific topics of interest. Click here for a detailed course outline.

The expert instructor
Koen is an independent consultant and founder of SolarCom, based in Belgium, focusing on IBM software licensing. Previously, he worked for a big-four audit firm conducting software license reviews at many of IBM's largest European customers. At Solarcom, Koen advises companies on how to manage IBM license compliance. For more on Koen, click here.

Course format
The course length is 1.5 days. Day 1 runs from from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Day 2 runs from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Complete the course and take the optional two-hour exam online. The exam is included in the course fee. Students passing the test will receive IBSMA's PCILM certificate.

The course is also available for on-site instruction.

Dates and times
Select the sessions from the options below.

Click here for a calendar of all IBSMA courses.

Materials and class size
All course materials are provided. Space is limited to 20 people. If the minimum number of registrations is not attained we may cancel or defer this class. Classes are typically confirmed a minimum of two weeks in advance of the course date. We are not responsible for travel-related expenses incurred in the event of a change.

Contact Services@IBSMA.com or call 1.734.930.1925 for further information.

Use coupon 508 and pay by credit card to save 10% off the registration fee. Add to cart and click on coupon code on shopping cart. Valid for registrations submitted 14 days in advance of the course date.

Quantity   1      2      3+  
Price $1,490.00 $1,440.00 $1,390.00
Effective April 1, the basic and advanced class are combined.

Select the sessions from the options below. Add to cart to view final price:


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