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CM Summit 2018

The One Value-Packed Summit for
software Compliance Professionals

Summit Sessions

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Sessions are open to all attendees unless listed otherwise. Sessions listed as end user only are NOT open to vendors, consultants, software resellers, software tool providers, compliance consultants, practitioner consultants or other SAM services professionals. Individuals in this category are welcome to attend sessions open to all attendees or sessions for vendors only. IBSMA may invite non end users to attend certain sessions as co-presenter, moderator or room monitor. Questions on this policy should be directed to IBSMA director's office.


Industry Track (GG C)

SAM & Hot Topics (GG B)

End user experts/ Roundtables (GG C)

7:30-9:00 Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast until 9:00.



Early bird sessions

  Put the SAM Team in Every IT Strategic Decision (Sandi Conrad, InfoTech Research)

Ensure that your SAM team is invited to all IT strategic discussions that plan for changes to licensing and processes affecting data quality. In this session, Sandi Conrad, senior director, infrastructure practice at Info-Tech Research Group, presents how you can make the case for the benefits of asset management to multiple important IT initiatives. This value positioning can help you secure funding and resources to grow your asset and data management processes. The session will also touch on how IT support, infrastructure and applications teams work with SAM to help improve the quality of asset data.

Boost Your Negotiation Skills and Strategies (CJ Ortega, SSES Global)

The more you understand the psychology of negotiation, the better position you'll have in your next software renewal or purchase. Artful software license negotiator and SAM consultant CJ Ortega will lead this roundtable in negotiation strategy. She'll show you how to uncover hidden leverage with suppliers, prepare for their counter demands, and manage expectations. Learn how to craft your negotiation strategy through consideration of your alternatives as well as the supplier's alternatives. (This session is for end users only.)

9:00-9:45 Learn from Compliance-Mature Industry Pros

In this dynamic panel discussion, we welcome compliance pros from mature industries including consumer electronics, health care, patent licensing and electronics, to share their compliance-program and audit-management insights. You'll come away with a fresh understanding and actionable tactics to assess and upgrade your organization's compliance. Our panelists reveal their lessons learned, emerging and traditional tools, tips for training, and best practices honed by years of experience. Bring your questions to this stimulating discussion. This session is moderated by Henry "Hank" W. Jones III, attorney and consultant.

What's New with Oracle Unlimited License Agreements (Redwood Compliance)

Oracle's ULAs offer customers flexibility and potentially great value for their Oracle spend. However, they can be confusing and difficult to manage. Mistakes in ULA management can lead to very expensive outcomes. In this session with Mohammad Inamullah of Redwood Compliance you'll learn how thoughtful planning for the ULA lifecycle is fundamental to getting the best value, maintaining compliance, and staying in control. Mohammad will cover the basics of ULAs, how to plan for and manage your ULA, and key considerations whether you renew or certify your ULA.

Managing Vendor Relationships for Maximum Benefit (Applied Materials)

The key to a successful vendor relationship is managing expectations, communications and especially, no surprises. In this roundtable discussion session, Todd Olszewski, head of the vendor management office for Applied Materials, a leader in chip technology, shares his years of experience with major vendors and important lessons learned. You'll learn how to implement policies that promote vendor compliance and cost savings, and proactively forecast for future software audits.



Oracle License Management in Cloud Environments (Redwood Compliance)

This session run to 11:15. Cloud computing offers extraordinary opportunities for getting the best value out of your Oracle license investment. But understanding the licensing implications for public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) is crucial to maintaining license compliance while optimizing your Oracle spend. Whether you are planning a move to the cloud, considering a major Oracle purchase, performing a re-architecture, or concerned about Oracle license compliance & optimization, this session with Mohammad Inamullah of Redwood Compliance delivers a clear understanding of the licensing implications in cloud environments. (For the Oracle take on this topic be sure to attend the session, Oracle's New Approach to Cloud Licensing, with Melissa Vito.)

Effective SAM Across Department Silos (Reed Elsevier)

How do you manage SAM for maximum success across autonomous business units? In this session, Reed Elsevier's Senior Director of Global IT Procurement, Scott Touchet, shares his expertise in organizing and leading cross-divisional sourcing, procurement, and vendor management teams to identify best practices for optimizing SAM. He'll cover how his team manages audits across the enterprise and works collaboratively with business units to drive compliance.

11:15-12:00 Developing Your Blueprint for a State-of-the-Art Compliance Program (TIBCO)

Launching a compliance program today means having audit methodologies that address multiple scenarios. Jhon Kong, director of software license management and compliance services at TIBCO, returns to the CM Summit this year with his updated best-practices approach to building a state-of-the-art license compliance program. His strategy starts with basic necessities for partnering with sales to make compliance part of the sales process, audit clauses, entitlements, deployments, review processes and leveraging internal and external resources. Join this thought-provoking session for beginners to seasoned pros. (This session is for software industry pros only.)

Oracle's New Approach to Cloud Licensing (Oracle)

Oracle has some new ideas for getting your enterprise in the cloud faster, simpler and more affordably. Oracle's innovative license models promise flexibility and choice, but how might they work in your organization? Join Oracle's Senior Director of Global Cloud Strategy, Melissa Vito, for an in-depth look at the publisher's new approach to proactive subscription management in the cloud. In this session, you'll also learn what an Oracle end user needs to be aware of when moving into the cloud from an license management perspective. Bring your Oracle cloud question!

How CISCO Systems Takes on Major Vendors (CISCO)

Take a peek inside the Cisco Systems playbook for insights into how this huge global enterprise manages IT spend through savvy multi-year agreements with major vendors, and gets the most out of its ITAM tools and processes. Stephen Jelso, senior IT manager, will guide you on this exclusive tour of his strategy for managing software as the core driver of IT spend. He'll also cover today's challenges in software sourcing and his team approach to successful vendor management.

12:05-12:45 What Can Dell EMC's SAM Services Do For You? (Dell EMC)

Get to know Dell EMC and what its Asset Management Services (AMS) can do to bring transparency to your EMC storage software consumption. AMS enables you to proactively maximize the value of your software licensing investments and reduce the risk of over and under-deployment. Dell EMC's Christopher Tilleman discusses the philosophy behind his company's approach—with case-study examples—and how Dell EMC delivers unique value in today's rapidly shifting asset management and compliance landscape.

An Expert's Tour of Optimizing Oracle in Virtual Environments (Oracle)

These days VMware is the technology of choice in most companies running virtualization environments but it may have sweeping effects on your Oracle licensing costs. If you've implemented VMware, are upgrading your version of VMware, or about to implement VMware, then this session is for you. Dwight Zenzano, a License Management Service director at Oracle, will walk you through real world case studies that will help you understand and prepare for new Oracle cost decisions.

Optimize the Intersection of IT Security and SAM (Oath)

Learn how to turn your organisation's software utilisation picture from murky to transparent with an innovative layered approach that leverages your IT security, your infrastructure and your software discovery applications. Join SAM Manager Zeb Zigler and Cloud Platforms VP Mason Ng of Oath Inc. (parent company of AOL and Yahoo!) as they discuss how you can increase your license compliance and lower your security vulnerabilities with a new approach to your current tools and processes.


12:45-1:45 Lunch | Join discussion tables
2:00-2:45 What You Don't Know About Open Source Software (KPMG)

If tracking open source software takes a back seat to managing your Microsoft, IBM or Oracle, KPMG's Sarab Narang, has some eye-opening information for you. Not only will he cover the latest important legal and security developments regarding open source license and security risks, but he'll show you how to establish open-source specific discovery and compliance processes within your organization. You'll also learn some new tricks and tools for achieving OSS compliance in the cloud and on mobile apps.



Oracle Roundtable discussion: Risks & Opportunities with Oracle and the Cloud (Oracle and independents)

This session continues the discussion of Oracle's innovative and aggressive push to increase cloud adoption and what that means for its customers. Oracle LMS reps and independent experts will be on hand to answer your Oracle questions and clarify sticky points. This session will be moderated by IBSMA.

The SAM SIMPLE Plan for Creating the SAM Function (KRONOS)

3:00-3:45 Opportunity and Risk in Your Digital Service Future (Zuora)

Digital transformation is a technology disruption you cannot afford to ignore. As more of the products your organization consumes and provides transform into digital services, are you positioned to manage the new people, process and technology changes and license and compliance terms? Join Amy Konary, VP of Customer Business Innovation at Zuora, for this future-leaning discussion focusing on what implications this drive to transform has for you. How will you stay relevant and keep up in an environment of digital disruption?

Vendor Relationship Management, Engaging with Microsoft (Aadil Nanji, InfoTech Research)

For many organizations, Microsoft is one of the top five expense items in the software budget. Yet many software buyers neglect this important vendor relationship and are unfamiliar with the licensing terms, relying on resellers to provide guidance and direction. Often companies don't understand how the relationship with Microsoft works and end up over-purchasing. In this session we'll explore how to mange the Microsoft vendor and reseller relationship, what to look out for and what is important to them. You may consider switching your reseller partner, but before you do consider an annual reseller performance survey. We'll also look at cloud solution providers and the role they play in the Microsoft ecosystem. You'll also want to watch out for soft audits and learn how to leverage SAM partners. Join this fast-paced session and bring your questions.

4:15-5:00 Sneak Peek at New SAM Standards {Anglepoint)

Join ISO Working Group 21 for SAM standards chair and CEO of Anglepoint, Ron Brill, in a fascinating exploration of the evolution and future of SAM. The days of SAM existing primarily for audit response are gone and SAM standards are being developed with an eye toward the future. He'll update us on recent developments in the ISO 19770 family of ITAM standards, including a sneak peek into the standards currently being developed that address the interoperability of SAM with other domains including cybersecurity, IT service management, and more.

What's New In Microsoft License Compliance (Aadil Nanji, InfoTech Research)

The ever-changing nature of Microsoft's licensing programs can confound even the best Microsoft licensing manager. Microsoft expert Aadil Nanji, research director at InfoTech Research, reveals the latest updates including different way to license, purchase and deploy Microsoft cloud products. He'll also discusses how to best prepare and mitigate potential audit and compliance risks. Not to give it all away, we'll cover Windows Server, Office 365, Dynamics, Azure and Microsoft's product roadmap. Join us for this eye-opening session and bring your questions.

Become the Data-Driven SAM Manager (Boerger Consulting)

Modern and mature SAM systems depend on accurate and reliable CMDBs and management data repositories to function properly. But how do you know if your data is up to the task? In this informative session, Jeremy Boerger, ITAM manager, will guide you from the philosophy behind sourcing and assessing data-points comprehensive ITAM and SAM programs, all the way through the critical success factors and key performance indicators you'll need to generate success, prove the worth of your data, and become a valued resource to your business's mission. Bring your questions about data!

5:15-6:45 CM Summit Networking Reception

Join conference attendees for a fun and social reception on March 12. Details will be sent to conference attendees by e-mail. RSVP required to attend. Members of the local SAM community are invited to attend. Separate registration required.

Sessions are open to all attendees unless listed otherwise. Sessions listed as end user only are NOT open to vendors, consultants, software resellers, software tool providers, compliance consultants, practitioner consultants or other SAM services professionals. Individuals in this category are welcome to attend sessions open to all attendees or sessions for vendors only. IBSMA may invite non end users to attend certain sessions as co-presenter, moderator or room monitor. Questions on this policy should be directed to IBSMA director's office.

Industry Track (GG C)

SAM & Hot Topics (GG B)

End user experts/ Roundtables (GG C)

7:30-9:00 Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast until 9:00.


8:00-8:45 Focus Group: Blue LM (Koen Dingjan)

Blue-LM is a new online data service to support your IBM license management program. Brought to you by IBSMA and IBM expert Koen Dingjan with SolarCom, this focused tool helps with bundling, managing announcement letters and creating audit templates. Join this session for an overview and to offer input.

SAM Best Practices Workshop

In this vendor-neutral, hands-on session, software asset management expert Matt Marnell from Flexera Software will offer tips and practical approaches to SAM implementation and optimization. He'll guide the attendees through the practice of building a data model to accurately manage and report license entitlements and inventory in the real world. From real-life examples, you'll learn how to craft a realistic and achievable SAM project plan. (This session is for end users only.)

SAM Tool User Discussion (End users only)

Share your experiences and learn from others in this roundtable discussion for end users only. IBSMA will moderate a discussion on asset management tools, such as Aspera, Flexera and Snow Software, to name a few. We'll consider implementation costs and challenges, technical integrations, support and managing complex licensing environments. How well is your tool performing and what can you reasonably expect? We'll focus on tools for larger enterprises with multiple vendors and license models and metrics to manage and report. (This session is for end users only.)

9:00-9:45 What's New in IBM License Compliance (Koen Dingjan, SolarCom)

The ever-changing nature of IBM's licensing rules and processes, on-prem and in the cloud, make it very challenging to triumph over this complex program. Here, IBM-licensing expert Koen Dingjan, creator of Blue-LM, will highlight key current developments and emerging trends in IBM licensing that will help you stay one step ahead. This session covers recent IBM audit experiences such as use of legacy ILMT versions, use of third-party sub capacity reporting tools, and reporting requirements for cloud machines (BYOSL). 

SAM Best Practices Workshop (continued)



How to Use the Psychology of Negotiation (CJ Ortega, SSES Global)

What are you doing unconsciously to sabotage your own negotiating power? Learn how to walk into a room and take power and gain respect for having power. Negotiation is important to every SAM professional whether or not you're directly involved in software purchasing because virtually every conversation is a negotiation. When you're talking to an executive to gain resources, that's a negotiation. Do you have a strategy? Join C.J. Ortega, SAM and negotiation expert in this dynamic roundtable exploring how you can harness the phycology of negotiation. (This session is for end users only.)

10:00-10:45 Major IBM Licensing Obstacles and How to Mitigate Them (Scott & Scott)

If you've ever come up short on your IBM license compliance, you're certainly not alone. Attorney Julie Machal-Fulks of Scott & Scott, will share examples from organizations that have struggled with IBM's licensing rules. In this engaging session, you'll learn the risks of failing to adhere to IBM requirements and how to better determine what licensing agreements govern your relationship. She'll also cover the tricky area of sub-capacity licensing, as well as audits, ILMT, virtualization and load balancing, and how IBM's acquisitions affect licensing.

GDPR Compliance – How It Will Affect Your Business? (SmartFlow Compliance)

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will take effect May 2018, requires businesses— regardless of location — to protect personal data and privacy of European citizens. There are big fines for noncompliance of up to four percent of revenues or 20 million Euros, whichever is greater. GDPR has major implications for U.S.-based companies that collect personal data of EU citizens. Software managers for both end users and publishers will want to evaluate existing systems and processes to ensure they meet the new data privacy laws. Join Ted Miracco, CEO of SmartFlow Compliance Solutions, for an overview of this new regulation and how it can affect the way you collect, use and store personal information. re personal information.

11:15-12:00 Today's Legal Environment for Compliance and Enforcement (Henry W. Jones III, attorney)

Henry "Hank" W. Jones III, attorney and consultant, leads this eye-opening session detailing the latest court pleadings and government filings from software vendors and their customers that provide startling insight into vendor audit strategies and problem areas, along with related action options. These hard-to-find legal materials reveal the latest developments in vendors' arguments regarding compliance, the tools they use, and the processes they employ. Hank will also highlight successful and unsuccessful customer push-backs that every compliance manager should know.

Find & Fix Your SAP Indirect Access (Anglepoint)

Learn how to pinpoint, measure and control your SAP indirect access to lower your license noncompliance risk. In this session, our SAP expert will use real world, practical examples of where customers have identified indirect access and how they worked with SAP to resolve the issue. At the end of this session, you'll return to your organization with a solid understanding of SAP's indirect access position. You'll be armed with new practical methods for conducting a quick initial risk assessment. Ample Q&A time is reserved to discuss attendee SAP issues.

Roundtable Discussion: How Cisco Systems Takes on Major Vendors (Part 2: end users only)

Following on from Stephen Jelso's presentation on how his company, Cisco Systems, manages IT spend through savvy multi-year agreements with major vendors, join us for this information sharing roundtable discussion on practical implementation strategies. (This session is for end users only.)

12:00-1:00 Lunch | Join discussion tables
1:00-1:45 From Cloudy to Transparent, Managing Assets in the Sky (Flexera)

Today's "cloud first" business mantra requires that SAM pros maintain transparency into their virtual assets, which is easier said than done. In this lively session with Cyndi Tackett of Flexera Software, you'll learn how to leverage new processes and technology to effectively manage your assets in AWS and Azure. You'll learn how to control the costs of your infrastructure and reduce risks as you install software licenses on these assets (BYOSL).

Modernize Your SAM Program for the Enterprise of Tomorrow (Liberty Mutual Insurance)

How will today's established SAM and compliance programs evolve to meet the challenges of the nimble IT organization of tomorrow? In this enlightening roundtable discussion lead by Liberty Mutual Insurance, you'll learn how to adapt your processes to improve agility and flexibility, how to promote IT transformation, and how to stay relevant in an environment of digital disruption. We will addresses a wide range of issues including new technology, younger workforce, security concerns, and SAM in the public cloud.

How to Pick the Right Cloud (end users only)

Cloud First, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud: Which solution is right for your organization? In this cutting-edge round table session, Zeb Zigler and Mason Ng from Oath Inc., will walk you through which cloud deployment strategies make sense based on your infrastructure requirements. You'll learn to evaluate clouds for mitigating risk and optimizing workflows. Come prepared to participate with your thoughts, experiences and questions. This session is open to end users.


2:00-2:45 The Growing Role of SAM In Cyber Security (Anglepoint)

Effective SAM can be an organization's first line of defense against cyberthreats. Because SAM and cybersecurity roles share many of the same objectives and data points within IT organizations, asset management contributes early on in understanding the threat landscape. Learn how to elevate and capitalize on this fact in this enlightening presentation. Hear real-world experiences and observations from both sides on the intersection of SAM and cybersecurity (i.e., blockchain, cloud, GDPR and more) within IT organizations. The session will include an informative overview presentation and open group discussion.

What's Driving SAM and License Management in 2018 (IBSMA)

Based on research from the IBSMA's 2017 License Compliance Survey, Steven Russman, executive director of IBSMA, will cover:

• How does your SAM program compare with others?
• How many audits can you expect in 2018 and from which publishers?
• Which publishers will be your biggest focus next year?
• Who has a plan for tackling the cloud?

Optimizing software spend, managing audits and staying proactive about compliance continue to drive software asset management efforts at companies worldwide. SAM programs grow because savvy organizations know software costs and under-licensing risks can quickly spiral out of control—especially in the cloud—if not carefully managed by experts who know the nuances of myriad software vendor programs. Is your SAM program growing? Steven Russman, executive director of IBSMA, reports on trends driving the adoption and growth of SAM and license management, and how successful organizations are building robust programs to meet the challenges of 2017 and beyond.

Roundtable Discussion: Effective SAM Across Department Silos (end users only)

Following on from Scott Touchet's presentation on how his company, Reed Elsevier, achieves maximum success across autonomous business units, join us for this idea exchange and open forum discussion. (This session is for end users only.)

3:15-4:00 Panel Discussion: Keeping SAM Relevant in an Environment of Digital Disruption

Today's successful software managers are platform-aware with internal audit and program methodologies that address software running in the cloud, virtual and traditional platforms. How are today's established SAM and compliance programs evolving to meet the challenges of the nimble IT organization of tomorrow? What are the challenges? Can traditional SAM survive? In this enlightening panel discussion, you'll hear from your peers on how to adapt your processes to improve agility and flexibility, how to promote IT transformation, and how to stay relevant in an environment of digital disruption. The panel of experts will addresses a wide range of issues. Bring your questions and engage in the lively discussion. (Panelists to be announced.)

6:00-8:00 CM Summit Group Dinner

Join conference attendees who are staying in San Francisco Tuesday night for a fun and social dinner out. We'll coordinate the details. Invitations will be sent to conference attendees by e-mail. RSVP required to attend. Members of the local SAM community also are invited to attend. Separate registration required.

Return to CM Summit home to register and for additional event details.

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