Practitioners Certificate in Software License Agreements (PCSLA-C) | Classroom Course
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PCSLA Software License Agreements

Course level: PCSLA | Practitioner Certificate Course

Overview of Software License Agreements Course (classroom course)
Demonstrate your competence in understanding and structuring software license agreements by earning the Practitioner Certificate in Software License Agreements (PCSLA). PCSLA is for IT pros, consultants and corporate staff who want to learn the basics of software license agreements (SLAs). With your guide, David Ochroch, one of the world's leading experts on software license agreements, we'll show you how to how to review and analyze important terms and conditions.

This course is designed to be an introduction to SLAs for a broad audience and provide a solid foundation, even for individuals with no legal or contract management expertise. PCSLA is structured this way because organizations of all sizes, industries and countries have a need to manage software. In fact, today the wide variety of individuals involved in IT service management—from software and hardware inventory, to purchasing, technical support, contract management and legal services—could all benefit from a solid foundation in software contract management practices.

We assume that attendees will have basic familiarity with business concepts and experience in a commercial, government or educational work environment.

What you'll learn
This course will help you master the 10 essential areas of a software license agreement. We present the material in plain English in the form of questions to ask and points to consider during the negotiation or contract evaluation process. For example:

  1. What software and services are you buying?
  2. What usage (licensing) rights come with the software?
  3. Where is the software running and who controls it (application service provider (ASP), software-as-a-service (SaaS), virtualization)?
  4. When will you pay for the software?
  5. How much does the software cost now and how much might the software cost later?
  6. What happens if there is a dispute or suspected contractual variance?
  7. What happens if the relationship ends or changes?
  8. What common terms (“boilerplate”) help define a complete legal agreement?
  9. For custom development or custom implementation, what constitutes acceptance of the customized software? Who will support and control the customizations?
  10. Hot topics review: SaaS, virtualization, service level agreements and cloud computing

We'll review a sample license agreement template, related schedules referring to fees, maintenance and ASP/SaaS provisions, plus a glossary of terms. Each section includes quizzes or exercises to help you apply the concepts to real-life situations.

The expert instructor
David Ochroch has twenty years of IT procurement and software asset management experience, working for Fortune 500, large governmental and non-profit organizations. David is a well-known lecturer on software contract negotiation strategies for organizations, such as IBSMA, Share(IBM) and CAUCUS. For more on David, click here.

Course format
The course length is one day from 8:30 am to 5:30 p.m. Complete the course and take the optional one-hour exam online. The exam is included in the course fee. Students passing the test will receive IBSMA's PCSLA certificate.

The course is also available for on-site instruction.

Dates and times
See above.

Materials and class size
All course materials are provided. Space is limited to 20 people. If the minimum number of registrations is not attained we may cancel or defer this class. We are not responsible for travel-related expenses incurred in the event of a change.

Contact Services@IBSMA.com or call 1.734.930.1925 for further information.

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