Practitioners Certificate in SAP License Management (PCSAP) | Classroom Course
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PCSAP product description

Course level: Practitioner Certificate Course (PCSAP)

Make educated decisions on licensing and managing your SAP software investment by learning the ins and outs of SAP through this in-depth course. The content covers not only the fundamentals of SAP software licensing, technical support polices and software asset management, but also the essentials of SAP server architecture, licensing and compliance concepts. You’ll learn best practices and real life examples of overcoming the complexity of SAP licensing that you won’t learn from SAP.

Overview of SAP License Management Course (classroom course)
SAP licensing and contracts are some of the most difficult entitlements to measure, understand and maintain because of their complex nature and the customized contracts for each customer. The objective of this course is to introduce you to the SAP licenses, including the different types, backgrounds, and measurement methods and best practices. You’ll become empowered with the knowledge to carry out comprehensive control and management of SAP licenses.

Taught within the principles of software asset management, you’ll learn and understand methodologies and process to continuously remain compliant through affective license management and optimization.

This course is ideal for beginners to experienced software license managers, including SAP technical, Basis, Security, license managers, legal advisory, procurement, IT administrators, and software asset managers. If your role involves any relevance to SAP licensing or SAP commercials, this course will provide the required information and detail.   

What you'll learn
This course provides a comprehensive overview of SAP license management covering named users, engines and packages, license measurement using License Audit Workbench (LAW), understanding indirect access, use rights and license definitions, user classification and optimization, and other related topics. This course also covers other areas of SAP licenses including HANA, Business Objects, Hybris, Sybase, and more. At the end of the course you will have a better understanding of your SAP license entitlements, be able to review your existing SAP systems based on your license entitlements, identify any key risk areas in relation to your contract, prepare systems and staff for audits, and continuously monitor and manage your license usage. Click here for the detailed course outline.

The expert instructor
Our instructors are SAP licensing and compliance professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience with SAP licensing and audit practices. For more on our instructors, visit Professional Profiles. Note: Instructor varies by location. Check with IBSMA for instructor details.

Course format
The course length is two days from 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m. Complete the course and take the optional one-hour exam online. The exam is included in the course fee. Students passing the test will receive IBSMA’s PCSAP certificate.

The course is also available for on-site instruction. Contact IBSMA for details.

Dates and times
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Materials and class size
All course materials are provided. Space is limited to 20 people. If the minimum number of registrations is not attained we may cancel or defer this class. We are not responsible for travel-related expenses incurred in the event of a change.

It is recommended, but not required, that attendees bring original SAP order documents, support-renewal contracts, master maintenance spreadsheets and other documentation to use in the course exercises. Review the pre-course reading list on the more information page.

Contact Services@IBSMA.com or call 1.734.930.1925 for further information.

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Revised Sept. 10, 2016